May 25 2017

Carpe Diem

Every day on my way to work I pass this sign: “Coffee 1 mile, turn right.” For two years now I have passed this sign since work is on the left. Well today I thought, Carpe Diem, why not! Life is about adventure, so I took the right.
I had no idea what this place is called or even what side of the busy intersection it is on, I just know it’s one mile away. So here I am, scanning this uncharted road at 6 a.m. bubbling with excitement and seize-the-dayness. I only hesitated slightly when I spotted this (for lack of a better term) ‘rustic’ coffee stand, one aptly named “Randeez.”
A name like that had me questioning the attire of the barista inside. Whether today’s adventure would bring about skin-amax-at-night, or prove perhaps the owner just had an unfortunate sounding name for a coffee place, I didn’t know. (P.S., She was fully clothed…and in flannel, no less. P.P.S., The coffee was awful.) As I am driving away, I had this realization: Crohn’s or no Crohn’s, auto-immune disease or no disease, what is life without a little spontaneity?  
So flip the script. Turn the I-have-to-get-up-at-5-a.m. blues into I am finally going to take that right. Because, I will let you in on a secret, nobody makes it out alive. So eat that second donut, Facebook that photo you think you look absolutely horrible in, dive head first (if it’s safe!), make no apologies, and live every day with excitement and wonder.  
Trust me, the good days are rare but the good times can be all you need to appreciate the bad ones.

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  1. By Krystal Kemp (Post author) on

    I’m glad you made that turn…even if the coffee was subpar!😜


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